Exchange Online Archive Policy - Outlook

  1. Open Outlook.    
  2. Right click on the mailbox category you would like to set the policy for and click Properties. Example: Inbox, Sent Items, Drafts, etc

     3. In the Properties page, click on the Policy tab.

    4. In the Policy section, the bottom half of the page is designated to Online Archive. do NOT set up a Retention Policy. A retention policy will act as a virtual paper shredder for your email.

    5. Click on the Use Parent Folder Policy to set the length of time you’d like email to remain in your inbox before automatically being transferred to your Online Archive. When email is transferred to your Online Archive, a folder will be created in your Online Archive automatically that is identical to the folder that the email came from.

    6. With your selection, click Apply to set the policy.

   7. Do this for each folder in your mailbox, or you can stick with the "Use Parent Folder Policy" setting on your mailbox folders. The parent folder policy is set for 1 year.

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