ESI: Electronically Stored Information Procedures

Electronically Stored Information (ESI) Incident Response Procedures

Do you understand the proper procedures for disclosing student or UNH information?

Information technology service providers, data stewards and persons who are authorized to access certain restricted and sensitive information are expected to protect such data from unauthorized access and exposure of the data. This document provides information about which policies, procedures and laws apply to ESI incidents; it identifies the types of situations that require that employees follow ESI procedures, and outlines documentation procedures for ESI incidents.   View the ESI document

UNH Information Security Services also provides an Incident Response Plan to authorized UNH personnel responding to a data breach or other security incident.   Contact ISS  for that plan.   

Request for Access to Confidential and/or Password Protected Information

University policy requires documented approval from any person whose protected information will be released; in certain cases, VP approval is an alternative. See the  UNH OLPM, Section F, Subsection 4. Privacy and Security of Technological Resources   for the complete requirements. 

A request to access personal protected information can be made online via the  IT Accounts Management System .  Login to AMS and use the "Request To Access Password/Confidential Information" link under Links and Instructions.  For any questions regarding the form or process contact the IT Service Desk at 603 862-4242.

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