Email Protection with Proofpoint

Proofpoint arrived on UNH campus on April 18th featuring ways to improve email hygiene, increase SPAM protection, add bulk mail filtering, reduce phishing, and protect the integrity of the UNH email system with alerts to potentially harmful content.

Example: When an email is sent with a hyperlink, the new Proofpoint system will check the URL against a database of known malicious sites, and send an alert to you without compromising your computer.

Getting Proofpoint protection is easy, no need to sign up; ALL UNH faculty or staff Microsoft Exchange users will automatically receive this service.

There will be a couple of changes. For instance, the most noticeable difference is the URL of embedded images or hyperlinks that pass through Proofpoint. The URLs will follow a pattern and begin with, followed by a long string of variable characters. You will also receive alerts to those messages with a website/link that appears to be malicious. If you do receive an alert it does not compromise your computer.

For more information on the features of Proofpoint contact:

UNH IT Service Desk: 603-862-4242

Click here to login and check your messages held by Proofpoint.


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  • Author: Alycia Brandt
  • Department: IT Service Desk
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