Document Imaging/Xtender Account FAQ

 What is a Document Imaging Account?

Document imaging is used by several departments to scan and electronically store their documents. If you work in one of those departments, and need to scan, index, or view images, you will need an account for the software that is used to perform those tasks. Note: If the Document Imaging Group is currently working with your department to implement document imaging, they will help you fill out this form for each employee who needs access.

Who Can get a Document Imaging/Xtender Account?

Document Imaging/Xtender accounts are available to staff and work study students who need to scan, index, or view documents, in departments which are already doing document imaging.

How Can I Request an Account?

You can request a Document Imaging/Xtender account through the Accounts Management System by selecting the Document Imaging/Xtender account under the appropriate department. (Note: Do Not Use Internet Explorer).

Who Can I Contact if I Have Problems with my Password?

Contact the UNH IT Service Desk at (603) 862-4242.

Where Can I Get Training?

Xtender Web Access training classes are offered. To view the training calendar, please visit

I am New to Document Imaging/Xtender, are there Any Resources to Help Me Get Started?

You can review the Document Imaging/Xtender Getting Started and Other Helpful Hints guide on the USNH Gateway.

How Do I Modify My Document Imaging/Xtender Account?

Requests to modify Document Imaging/Xtender accounts can be made through the Accounts Management System. (Note: Do Not Use Internet Explorer).

How Do I Disable a Document Imaging/Xtender Account?

The Human Resources employee termination process is directly related to disabling of computer accounts. On an employee's termination date his or her Document Imaging account will be automatically disabled. If you want an account disabled prior to an employee leaving the University, please call the UNH IT Service Desk at 862-4242. Click here for more information on the deactivation of computer accounts.

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