DCS - Undeliverable emails

Directed Communication System (DCS) -Undeliverable Emails 


When sending directed communication messages the email address listed as the 'sender' or 'reply to' individual listed on the communication will receive  all responses to the directed communication including automated responses for recipients who are out of office or email addresses that are not valid and give an undeliverable email response. This functionality is standard with sending any email, but there is one particular undeliverable response that has worried some users.  The sender will get  an Undeliverable response stating that 'Delivery has failed to these recipients or groups: unh.directed.communication@unh.edu'.  

This behavior, while undesirable is expected and does not mean your message was not delivered to the users.  Your message was still saved, approved, and sent successfully even when you get this undeliverable response.


While there is no resolution to stop the undeliverable email you can setup your email to automatically delete the unwanted emails.  Click on the link below to access the instructions on how to set this up.   Or you can also access the attached document  below.

Go to the Article DCS Email Quick Tips   and read  "Automatically Deleting Unwanted Responses to Directed Communication Emails".

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