Create Automatic Reply For Public Folder

  • In order to set the Automatic Reply(Out of Office) you must be the Owner of the public folder.
  • Also you must have Send As permissions from the email address.
  • Please contact the help desk 603-862-4242 if you need assistance with permissions.
  1. Right Click the public folder and choose Properties
  2. Select Folder Assistant

  3. Select Add Rule

  4.  Check the Reply With button and then Template

  5.  Enter your desired subject and reply message. Select Save and Close to finish.

  1. Click OK to close the Edit Rule screen.

  2. Click Yes on the message "This rule will fire for all incoming messages. Is this what you want?"

  3. Click OK to close the Folder Assistant screen and then on OK to close the Folder Properties screen.
It will take about 15 minutes for the changes to the Public Folder to take affect, after that you can send a test email to see if your Auto Reply works.
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