Course Search: Copy course

This information is for faculty or department support staff who can edit course and booklist information on the course search site.

Faculty Login to the Course Search

  1.  Go to to access the course search site.
  2. In the Upper Right corner, click on Faculty Login and login using your UNH credentials and password.

Course Search:   Copy course

This article explains how to copy the course description into another course.

  1. Select the term with the course data you want to copy from.
  2. To the right of the course, select Copy.  
  3. Select the course/s you would like to copy the course information into.
  4. Select Copy To to finish the process.

Note:  Clicking Copy To overwrites any data in the selected courses.

  1. While in the Copy Course view you can select the course and update the details.
  2. Select the course title hyperlink, to open the course details.
  3. Select Edit to update the course.  For additional details about how to edit course, see this article Course Search: Edit course details.



For Additional Support:

For Login issues and course information, registrar information, enter a support ticket using this link.

The course details are directly imported from Banner.  If the course information is incorrect, please update the information in Banner.


Click here to access the Course Search: New features article.

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