Configuring Wireless Devices

Connecting to Wireless on Campus and Residence Halls

Let’s start by registering your devices and connecting you to UNH's wireless.

  1. Connect to the UNH-Public wireless network.
  2. Open a web browser and go to Follow the onscreen instructions* to register and connect to UNH-Secure wireless.
    * Parents and guests, choose the Guest registration.

If multiple people use your computer via separate user accounts, please contact UNH IT at to request additional information on configuring a multiple-user computer. 

 If you encounter difficulties configuring your device for the UNH Wireless Network, please see the Wifi FAQ. If you continue to experience difficulties, please contact the UNH IT Service Desk at 603-862-4242. 

Did you know?

Network registration is required for all networks.  

Guest registration and access are available via the UNH-Public network.

Gaming Consoles should join the UNH-Public network within the residence halls, which is specifically designed to accommodate their needs as much as possible in an enterprise network environment. Please see Gaming on the UNH Network for more information.

The Wireless Map shows all of UNH's wireless locations. UNH IT provides wireless access to students, faculty, staff, and guests in all academic buildings and residence halls. There are also areas outside that are covered, such as the Great Lawn in front of Thompson Hall.

UNH offers three primary wireless networks:

  • The UNH-Public network is an unsecured network meant primarily to allow users to reach the initial information and configuration page.  The UNH-Public network allows devices to remain on-line for 24 hours before they  are again directed to the information and configuration page.  Access from the UNH-Public network is limited to web traffic (http & https) and VPN traffic.
  • The UNH-Secure network offers an encrypted connection to the UNH network. To configure devices for access to the UNH-Secure network, please visit  Access requires valid UNH credentials and the ability to configure an 802.1x connection utilize the WPA2-Enterprise security protocol. That would include all modern computer operating systems (Windows, MacOS, etc.) as well as mobile operating system (like iOS, Android, etc.)
  • The eduroam network is functionally the same as UNH-Secure for UNH community members, but provides access options across institutions participating in eduroam.    Click here for more information.

 Devices incapable of being configured for UNH-Secure can have an exemption requested, allowing them to remain on the UNH-Public network.



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