Configuring a Chromecast on the UNH Wireless Network

1) Make sure your phone is registered and that your Bluetooth is turned on. Download and open the Google Home app, click "Add", "Set up device", and "Set up new devices in your Home".






2) Select a Home, click next, and the app will look for devices. Once your Chromecast is found, click "YES". Make sure the code you see on your TV matches the code you see in your Google Home app, then click "YES". Select a room, then click "NEXT".


3)  Click the upper-right dot menu, then "Show MAC Address". Your Mac address will appear. Visit the non-browser device registration page at, register your device with your username and password, a device type of "Chromecast", and check the "Enable Airgroup" box. At this point, unplug your Chromecast device. In the Google Home app, click back until you completely exit the setup.




4) Wait a few minutes and then plug your Chromecast in again. Repeat steps 1 and 2 until you reach the "Connect to Wi-Fi" page. Select UNH-Public and click "NEXT". A pop-up will appear saying that UNH-Public and UNH-Secure are different. Press "OK". The Chromecast will attempt to connect to WiFi.








5) If you are able to connect to UNH Public Wifi, skip this step. If you are not able to connect to UNH Public Wifi, find your phone's MAC Address, usually found somewhere under the System or Settings menu, (specific instructions can be found by Googling "Find my MAC Address" and your phone type). Then visit the NAC Registration Page at  and click the cogs icon next to your Chromecast. Enter your phone's MAC address without any delimiters (in the format 11aa22bb33cc) under the AirGroup options. Then visit and click the "here" link to remain on UNH-Public. Then attempt setup again.





6) Once set up, you will see the page shown below. Click "CONTINUE" until you reach the Home screen again.







 7) There are a number of options for casting. One is "Play". Another is under the account menu and "Mirror device". Note: You can cast from any app which has the cast icon.






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