CIS UNIX User Homes End of Service

During the first week of June 2017, the CIS UNIX system will begin the final stages of decommissioning. For over two decades, CIS UNIX hosted UNH’s email, data, and personal webpages (aka PubPages).

As CIS UNIX services are taken offline, its user-data storage will be preserved through the end of the Fall 2017 semester. During this period it will only be accessible to IT data custodians. A mechanism will be created for users to request copies of their home directory contents through the custodians.

In summer 2016, a service was set up to host personal network storage for users of the Student Computer Clusters and other hands-on classrooms and labs on campus. This replaced using the CIS UNIX home directories for that purpose. Any active users of the Clusters had their files automatically migrated to the new storage when they used the Cluster systems through the 2016-2017 academic year. User data stored on CIS UNIX servers will be available on a request-only basis through the end of the 2017 Fall semester.

Please direct any questions about this process to:


Q: What will happen to my data?
A: Any data you have stored on CISUNIX will be moved to archival storage during the decommissioning process. It will be preserved in non-public storage through the end of the Fall 2017 semester, after which it will be deleted in accordance with normal data management procedures.

Q: Do I need to take any action?
A: No. When CIS UNIX is taken offline, all data on the system will become accessible only the the CIS UNIX custodial team, who will act as stewards and facilitators for access and transfer of the data until it's final removal in January 2018. A mechanism for requesting a copy of your directory will be created and documented here.

Q: How do I remove or backup my content before the archival period begins?
A: If you wish to remove data from your Home directory and/or take a copy of it, you may access, modify and delete the contents of your CISUNIX home folder until the end of May 2017 using your normal access procedure.

If you need access to your content you may log in to your CISUNIX account using an SSH terminal session until the end of May, 2017. You may also access it using the SAMBA/CIFS protocol (Windows filesharing).

Q: Is there a replacement service for CIS UNIX Data Storage?
A:  Yes. Academic Technology has provided a replacement service which superseded the functionality of CIS UNIX data storage in the Summer of 2016, and which automatically migrated any CIS UNIX data for active users of the UNH computing clusters.

Additionally, UNH IT offers unlimited, quota-free storage to all Faculty, staff and students through the Box @ UNH.

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