Box Web New View

New Box View:

Here is our guide to the view, including a video from Box detailing many of the new features.











Sharing and Collaboration:

Sharing and Collaboration is now easier than ever, with one click you have access to collaborators or share a link. 








Arranging files:

You can now sort folders/files by name, updated, or size . Above the file/folder name is a bar (see above screen shot) showing Name, Updated, and Size. Select the option you wish to sort by. By default the setting is Updated. If you are working from Box on the web any files you update will show up at the top, once the page is refreshed your files will sort by either name, updated or size. You can also change the display to a grid or list view. Below is a screenshot of Grid View and its new features.












File Details:

Need to see more information about a file or folder? Highlight the file or folder in Box and on the right a new menu will appear, Sharing and Details . Click on details to get more information. You can even enter in a description of the file or folder for easier searches.











  Do not hesitate to provide feedback to Box.  







 Check out this video to see several of the new features in action.



Here is a  PowerPoint  for a complete list of the changes made.


Additional Knowledge Base articles:

Box Edit :  Need to install and use Box Edit? Click hereAre your files taking a long time to edit or are you getting an error message when you try to open a file in Box@UNH?  This article  provides instructions on reinstalling Box Edit.

Box Notes:  Want to know how to use Box Notes effectively? Click here .

Favorites :     Click here  for a guide to using Favorites.

File and Folder Actions:   Need to edit a file name, delete a file or know who accessed it last?   Click here.

Searching : This  Knowledge base article  details using the robust Search feature in Box@UNH.

      Check out this  article  on search tips and tricks.

Tagging : Tagging works a bit differently in the new view click on this  article  for more information.

Trash:  Accidentally delete a file? Check out this   article .

Upload Via Email:   This article  explains how to upload files/folder to Box via email.

Upload:   Click here  for instructions on how to upload files/folder to Box@UNH.

Versions in Box:  Click here  to see how versioning works in Box.




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