Box Mobile App: How to login

Follow these instructions the first time you log in to the Box Mobile App.

1. Download Box onto your Mobile Device

2. Once Installed, Open Box Mobile.

3. At the log in screen, Select Use Single Sign On (SSO)

4. Type in your Work or Student Email address.

4. This will redirect you to:

5. At the University of New Hampshire screen (Screenshot Above), Type in your credentials. Faculty and Staff use their AD credentials, Students use their UNH Wildcats email. Click Sign In.

6. Once signed in, it will request you to set a passcode to secure your information on your Mobile Device. Set the 4-digit Passcode to continue. This Passcode is unique from the passcode to access your mobile device. (You will enter the passcode twice)

7. Login complete

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  • Application: Box@UNH
  • Author: Alycia Brandt
  • Department: Web & Mobile
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