Box Edit is not working

UPDATED 5/14/17 - Box Edit Update Requires Cookies


Box Tools (aka- Box Edit) Release has added Security settings, which may cause this error message to appear


  • Confirm that you are using a supported browser. Unsupported browser(s) may not work with Box Edit. 
  • Verify you are using a browser mode that allows cookies. For example, Chrome's incognito mode or Internet Explorer's InPrivate browsing mode will no longer work with this version of Box Edit. 
  • Check that your browser is set to not block Cookies. With the new security update to Box Edit/Tools, cookies need to be enable or an exception for Box should be added.


Cookie settings vary depending on the browser:

Detailed instructions for Chrome and Firefox are below. 

 For Chrome:

 Clear all cookies - If you remove cookies, you'll be signed out of websites and your saved preferences could be deleted. 

    • On your computer, open Chrome.
    • At the top right open the three dots   then More Settings.
    • At the bottom, select Show advanced settings.
    • In the "Privacy" section, click Content settings.
    • Under "Cookies," go to all cookies and site data.
    • At the top right, click Remove all, then done at the bottom right.
    • Verify Allow local data to be set (recommended) is checked.
      • If you choose to manage Cookies- Choose manage exceptions
      • Add,

 For Firefox:

  To check or change your settings: 

  • Click the menu button    and choose Options.
  • Select the Privacy panel.
  • Under History - Set Firefox will: to Use custom settings for history
  • Check mark Accept cookies from sites to enable cookies, and uncheck it to disable them.
  • Close the about:preferences page. Any changes you've made will automatically be saved.


If you disable Cookies on browser(s) you may see this page:

Enable Cookies following the above instructions to fix this error

  • Box cannot display web page


Follow these links for Safari, IE, and Edge:      


 Internet Explorer:



If the above steps do not fix the issue, check Browser extensions.

  For Chrome: Go to the Three  or type in Chrome: extensions in address bar

  •  Disable Extensions and restart browsers. Try opening a file in Box to edit.

 For Firefox: Go to the  then Add-ons

  •  Click Extensions – Disable Extension and restart Browser. Try Box.


Clear your browsers cache

Browsers, website content, and programs are updated regularly, if this cache is not cleared your browsers will not display content correctly and can interfere with your day to day browsing. Additionally, try another browser.

 Box has provided detailed instructions on deleting cache for all supported browsers here.

 Insufficient Disk Space Error Popup

 If you are getting an Insufficient Disk Space Error when trying to save documents in Box, follow these steps to clear Box Edit Cache. 

  • Quit Box Edit by right clicking Box Edit in the Task Manager Tray


  • In Windows/File Explorer go to this file path C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Box\Box Edit\Documents

  • Location for Mac - 
    ~/Library/Application Support/Box/Box Edit/Documents/ 
  • Delete all contents of the folder.
  • Restart
  • Go to Box in a Web Browser, open a NEW file (either Word or Excel)
  • If this works open up an existing file. If this does not work, follow the steps below.


Uninstall Box Edit

  • Open up control panel
    • Type in Control Panel in search programs and files or Ask me anything bar
    • On windows 8- start typing Control panel on the start page.
  • Go to Programs and Features
  • Locate Box Tools and click uninstall.


 Reinstall Box Edit:

  • Download the Box Tools installer for your operating system here:
  • Run the Box Tools installer and follow instruction prompts to install or update Box Edit on your computer.
  • Box Edit will function in any browser supported by the Box web application. (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge)

See our guide on using Box Edit here.

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