Box Drive Install Instructions

Box Drive- Available to UNH Box users

Please find additional information at Box Community Site

Using Box with Windows

Using Box with Macs

Why use Box Drive:

  • It is stable/reliable
  • Fast
  • You can see everything that is in Box on the web, on your computer
  • Works on both Mac and PC
  • Can search from your Box app on your computer
  • Can open files from the web from the Box app
  • Looks familiar

 Before Installing Box Drive- REMOVE Box Sync completely:

  • Box does not recommend using Box Drive in conjunction with Box Sync.
    • Box Sync functions will eventually be made available with Box Drive
    • Offline work will require Box Sync. If you install both, Box will not be able to provide support.
      • Recommend using Box Sync until sync features are added to Box Drive.
      • To uninstall Box Sync – follow these instructions here.


Install Instructions-

 From Box Web:

  • Log into Box using Chrome or Firefox at
  • Go to your profile initials or picture in the upper right corner
  • Open Apps from the drop down menu
  • At the top of the page type "Box Drive" into the Search Bar

Search Applications in Box

  • Click BOX DRIVE icon 
  • Under description, locate: 
    • Download for Windows use Here link
      • Open the embedded link hidden in the word Here.
    • Download for Mac, click the Here link
      • Open the embedded link hidden in the word Here.

Box Drive install page- choose Download for windows or download for mac here link

  • Open the application installer and follow install instructions.
    • Installer location is dependent on Browser
      • Chrome – lower left corner the app will be available to install after it has downloaded
      • Firefox – upper right near address bar in the Downloads folder.
  • Reboot
  • At the Login window – select Single Sign On under user name and password
  • Enter UNH email address
  • At the UNH Branded Screen- enter your user name, then password

**Box Drive may also be installed via 

Box Drive will now auto load at start up. You can install Box Drive on your home computer. VPN is not required.

  • Check out the Tutorial pop up
  • Box Drive will create a desktop shortcut
  • Search can be found in the lower right task for Windows or Finder/Menu bar for Mac 

Check out our additional Box articles:

Box Drive Errors, Limitations, usage - Box Drive Information

General information on Box @ UNH - Box view settings

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