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Check out the UNH Box Information Site for additional resources, tips, and troubleshooting. 

This Article details information on Box Drive such as:

  • Known Limitations
  • Supported Operating Systems
  • Search
  • Folder and File Names - If you are missing files in Box Drive but not in Box see this section to see if you are using an unsupported character in the folder/file name.
  • Error Messages
  • What works best in Box Drive and what works best using the Box Web App

Known limitations:

  • Do not run Sync and Box Drive at the same time.
  • Box Drive and Box Sync provide additional ways of accessing your data stored on Box. They should not be the only way you access your data.
  • Box Drive does not support offline access currently. This is a feature that will be made available in a future update.
  • Incompatibility issues with Apple Keynote Presentation software. It is recommended to open and work with these files from Box@UNH  
  • Some delay when opening large files or folders
  • Search function within Windows Explorer and Mac Finder does not work. Use Box Search, instructions below.
  • Multiple OS users cannot run Box Drive at the same time. Box Drive will not open for the 2 nd
  • File thumbnails in Windows Explorer and mac Finder will not show up for files that have not been opened previously. Finder’s Quick Look for Mac will not work for files that have not been previously opened.
  • Box Drive does not support Adobe Bridge.
  • Opening multiple PDF files from Box Drive may result in an error.
  • Additional limitations can be found here - Box Community
  • Known Mac issues are covered in this article -  Mac Issues from Box Community
  • Known Windows issues can be found in this article -  Windows Issues from Box Community


Supported Operating Systems:

  • Windows 7 Pro, 8.1 and 10 32 Bit and 64 Bit Versions available
  • Mac 10.11 and 10.12

  Search - Box’s robust search features are usable in Box Drive.

  • To use:
  • Go to the Box Drive Icon – left click
    • Task bar in Windows (Start Menu / Search Bar/ Located near clock- typically at the bottom of the screen)
    • Menu bar – Mac (Finder Bar, Top of screen)
      • At magnifier – type in the file/folder name you are looking for – just typing in the name will start the search Search will also provide a preview with file information such as created/modified date, size, and owner.
      • Search will also provide a preview with file information such as created/modified date, size, and owner.

Image of Search using Box Drives Search features - image shows app location in task bar and where to enter search criteria

  • File/ Folder Names matter :
    • Files and folders with the same name will not appear in Box Drive.
      • Example:
        • User has a folder named Admin
        • You share a folder named Admin
        • User will only see the folder they own in Box Drive. They can still see the folder in the Browser at or
        • Name the folder/file something unique and identifiable. I.E - Admin UNH IT
    • Special characters
      • It is not recommended to use these characters in Folders/File names: / ? < > \ : * | . “ (Forward slash, question mark, greater than/less than, back slash, colon, asterisk, pipe, period, quotes)
      • These will affect the folder/file showing up in Box Drive
        • Do not use Spaces at the beginning or end of the Folder/File name.
  • Error Messages at Boot
    • Unsupported File types will not save to Box through Box Drive
    • Unsupported Special Characters in file names will not be viewable in Box Drive
    • To view these errors open the Box Drive app
      • Finder Bar/Menu Bar for a Mac
      • Task Bar for Windows
      • Go to the Cog Wheel in the upper left corner of the application

Box Drive App Cog wheel location image - Cog Wheel is located in the upper left of the Box Drive Application

  • Select Error updating (number) of files from drop down menu
  • Box Drive will provide the reason why the file failed to upload from machine to Box
  • Change the file name at or  

Web Based Features:

  • Permissions: Adding users or setting collaborators permission levels should be done at or
  • Sharing : Currently, share files using the web – or, or if you have Box for Office installed you can share files using that app. See for information on how to use Box for Office.
  • Files with Multiple Editors – Best practices:
    • Editing Excel or Word documents at the same time - use Office Online:
      • Open file using the Web
      • Choose Word/Excel Online from drop down under Open
  • To lock a file
    • Open file using the Web
    • Click the 3 dots next to Share in the file link
    • Select Lock from drop down
    • Users can set a time limit for the lock – under the lock duration drop down.
    • Download can be disabled

Additional things to note:

  • Box Drive does not save files to your computer - this feature is currently only available with Box Sync
    • It is good to note that with Box Sync you can only see files in Box that you have Synced to your desktop.
      • These are copies of the file in Box on the Web
      • With Box Sync If your machine is stolen/lost that data can be retrieved if your machine is not encrypted
      • If you have sensitive information it is recommended to encrypt your computer. Reach out to ISS at 603-862-4242
  • Box Drive saves a temporary file of any files you opened from Box Drive
    • These files are hidden, and are managed by Box Drive
  • Auto updates
  • Currently does not have a sync limit



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