Banner Configuration Information for New Users

Banner HR, Finance & Student Configuration


Step 1: Go to the Connect VPN

Access the VPN through your Internet browser:


Plymouth State University Employees: You will need to use the PSU VPN instead of the Connect VPN. Please login to the Plymouth VPN and skip to step 4.

Step 2: Log into the Connect VPN

Type in your AD username and password (same username and password used when logging into Outlook, or your computer). Click on Login.


Step 3: Access Banner

Go to the Enterprise Systems Gateway page:

To access Banner Finance/HR:

Click on Production Systems → USNH Finance/HR Banner → Finance/HR Banner Production (BPRD).

Access Banner FHS

To access Banner Student and Advancement:

Click on Production Systems → UNH/GSC Student Banner →UNH Production – PROD or GSC Production – SLLP (depends on which database you were given access to).

Access Banner SIS

To access Banner Test & Development:

Click on Test & Development Environments and click on the appropriate drop-down link to access database.

Access Banner Dev

Step 4: Read Critical Banner Events (optional)

You may be automatically linked to Critical Banner Events.  Read any new announcements, then click on Banner Finance/HR (BPRD) or Banner Student link at bottom of page.  If you wait long enough, the next page will open automatically instead of having to click the bottom link.


Step 5: Log into Banner

Type in Banner username and password:

Banner Login Prompt

Username: Same username that you use to login to your computer
Password:  Call UNH IT Service Desk 862-4242, to obtain a temporary password.


Step 6: Change Your Password

Once you have logged in you will see the following alert informing you that your password has expired. Select OK.

Change your password on the Changing Password for... page.

Old Password: Same temporary Banner password that you received from Account Administrator.
New Password: Create a new password, minimum of 8 characters.
Retype New Password: Type in the same password that you just created.
Select OK to save changes and access Banner.

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  • Application: Banner
  • Department: Accounts
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