AppMan/UCR/FTS Account FAQ

What is an AppMan Account?

Application Manager (AppMan) allows users in administrative offices to schedule and run batch jobs. 

What is a UCR Account?

The Enterprise Computing Group has created a common content repository for storage of files for administrative offices’ mission critical business processes. This central storage provides redundant service for high availability. This central storage is backed up nightly and weekly. Backups are stored off-site for disaster recovery purposes. ECG provides a self-service application for restoration of files.
ECG will provide five gigabytes of storage to store these mission critical files. This content area should not contain personal files such as mail files. Each office is responsible for the security and setup of their assigned office folder.

What is an FTS Account?

FTS is the File Transfer Service that the Enterprise Computing Group provides for file transfers to feed data to and from USNH production systems.

Who Can Get an FTS, UCR, or AppMan Account?

Accounts are issued to University System of New Hampshire staff members upon request of their respective department head. These accounts are to be used only by the staff member to whom the account is assigned, and only for the purpose of performing administrative data processing within the confines of the staff member's official University duties.

How Can I Apply for One of these Accounts?

You can request FTS, UCR, and AppMan accounts through the Accounts Management System(Note: Do Not Use Internet Explorer).

How Do I Change or Reset My Password?

FTS, UCR, and AppMan accounts are synced to your AD username and password.  Please see Log In Help for instructions on how to change or reset your password for these accounts.

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