Accounts Management System FAQ

What is the Accounts Management System?

A single portal for all USNH and campus employees, faculty, staff and students to use for making requests related to their own IT account access as well as the access of others. Accounts include Enterprise and non-Enterprise applications, such as Outlook Exchange email, Banner systems, WebI, Xtender, AD/VPN, Web Time Entry, Fileshares, Drupal, UNHINFO, and more. Additionally, sponsored user access may be requested and managed within the AMS, for users who need access but are not directly affiliated with USNH or a particular campus.

Who Uses the Accounts Management System?

Generally, any employee of USNH or any of the USNH campuses including faculty, staff, student employees, and sponsored users.

How Do I Request Access to the Accounts Management System?

All USNH faculty, staff, and students has access to the AMS with their current UNH credentials. Access is granted based on an individual's role, which means different users may see different options when logged in, based on their campus and employment status. Additionally, users not affiliated with either a campus or USNH can be sponsored for access to certain IT Accounts. More information on Sponsored Users.

How Do I Access the Accounts Management System?

To access, click this link Accounts Management System.  It can also be accessed from the Access Management page on the IT Service Catalog by clicking the "Manage My Access" or "Manage Access for Someone Else" buttons.  There is also a link from the Accounts department page. (Note: Do Not Use Internet Explorer).

Who Can I Contact if I Have Problems Accessing the Accounts Management System?

Contact the UNH IT Service Desk (603) 862-4242 to report any issues accessing the Accounts Management System. (Note: Do Not Use Internet Explorer).

How Do I Report a Bug in the Accounts Management System?

To report a bug in the AMS, use the ITSM Applications Service Request form.

How Do I Request an Enhancement in the Accounts Management System?

To request an enhancement in the AMS, use the ITSM Applications Service Request form.

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