Accounts: I am changing jobs within the University. Will I lose my Email account or other IT access? What do i need to do to ensure I have the access I need in my new job?

The best way to ensure you will have access to all the resources you need in your new job is to work with both your current supervisor and your new supervisor to ensure any requests for new access or changes in access are made in a timely fashion.  These requests can be made using the Employee Transferring to a New Position form within the Accounts Management System

To access the form:
1. Log into the Account Management System with your UNH username and password. (Note: Do Not Use Internet Explorer).
2. Click on the orange Edit button
3. Click on IT Account Modification Form
4.  From the Request Type drop down menu, select the Employee Transferring to a New Position option.
5. Complete the form and click Submit

You will receive a confirmation that your request has been submitted with a tracking number.

Need Help?  See Accounts: How do I Get Help with an IT Accounts Problem 


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