Accounts: About UNH Active Directory Accounts

Students are automatically provisioned with a student Active Directory account on the WILDCAT domain. See Wildcat Account FAQ for additional information.

Faculty and Staff
The Active Directory domain for UNH Faculty and Staff is called AD. A UNH AD account is used to access university computers, computer clusters, Outlook Exchange Email accounts, networked printers, BOX, VPN, Registration for Wifi access, and other applications.

UNH AD and Exchange Email accounts are automatically provisioned for most new faculty and staff. The accounts will be created within one business day of the employee’s start date if all HR paperwork has been processed.

How do I request an AD account?

How do I claim my UNH account?

See   How do I claim my UNH account?  


How do I change my AD (Active Directory) password?

See How do I change my AD Password?   


If you have forgotten your AD password, 

  1. Go to
  2. Go to Forgot your UNH Password section
  3. Click on Reset your UNH Password tool
  4. You will be prompted for your UNH ID# and to answer your security question
  5. Need help?  How do I Get Help with an IT Accounts Problem  

How do I change my Wildcat domain account? 

See  Blackboard: How do I Change my Password ?  


My AD Account is Locked.  How do I get it unlocked?

As a security precaution, UNH Telecom Network Operations will automatically lock accounts if multiple unsuccessful log-in attempts occur. If you try to log in to your computer or a UNH application you will get a message that your account is locked.

If your account is locked:

  • Call the IT Service Desk at (603)-862-4242 (Monday thru Friday, 7:30am to 5:00pm)
  • OR
  • Visit the ATSC in the Dimond Library in Durham. Click here for location information and support hours.  

Note: Since your computer, mobile phones, and other devices will store your UNH password, you may experience a locked account after changing your password. If you recently changed your password and then got locked, see:

How do I update my Windows computer after I change my AD password?  


How do I Update my Macintosh computer after changing my AD Password  



 Need further help?   How do I Get Help with an IT Accounts Problem  

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