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It is important that all departmental supervisors and managers are aware that the Human Resources termination process of a status employee’s position is directly related to UNH IT managed computer accounts being disabled.  Please note that it is the responsibility of supervisors and managers to understand and follow account deactivation policies for computer accounts managed by departments other than UNH IT.

The UNH IT computer account deactivation process begins at the departmental level with the business process a supervisor is required to follow to terminate an employee. As the Banner Human Resource system is updated with a termination date for the employee, the UNH IT Identity Management System is also updated. For UNH Staff, all computer accounts associated with the individual leaving the University are disabled on the termination date. For UNH Faculty, all computer accounts associated with the individual leaving the University are disabled 90 days after the termination date.  For UNH Adjunct Faculty, all computer accounts are disabled 120 days after the end of their most recent job. This includes:

  •     Accounts associated with the employee's Primary username
  •     Accounts associated with all of the employee's Secondary usernames
  •     Access to or guardianship of any Pool accounts

This process has mitigated the risks related to accessing of data by a former employee’s computer account. These risks include identity thefts, spoofing of E-mail addresses, accessing confidential data and manipulation of data.

Please complete the IT Account Modification Request within the Accounts Management System if you have an employee who is leaving prior to their end date or if their access needs to be revoked immediately.  An Account Administrator will then work with you to remove or update the employee's access. (Note: Do Not Use Internet Explorer).

Planning ahead will assure a smooth transition in computing when your department experiences a vacancy. Here are some things you can do:

  • If a different employee will be taking on responsibilities of the vacated position, make sure this employee has the appropriate computer accounts and security access to get the job done.
  • Update any departmental E-mail distribution lists, such as members and owners as well as update any departmental E-mail aliases.
  • Be sure that the employee works with a supervisor to have administrator access to the PC.
  • Employees should never share their account information. Ask the employee who is leaving to review their protected storage areas for any files, programs, E-mail or E-mail contacts that should be shared prior to the account being deactivated.

If the employee will be staying in an hourly job appointment in your department, there could be a lapse in the Human Resource system reflecting the active hourly job status, resulting in accounts being deactivated. If you are aware of this situation, please alert IT Account Administrators at the UNH IT Service Desk at 862-4242 prior to the status job termination date.

As we continue to improve our processes, it is important to work in partnership with the UNH community to assure business continuity and a computing environment that is secure and accessible only to those who have access.

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