i>clicker: Instructor’s Guide for using i>clicker software and hardware

i>Clicker User Guide

The attached document is a complete faculty guide to using i>Clicker at UNH.  You can also sign up for training or request a session at at-training.unh.edu.  During training you will learn how to conduct a polling session, view responses, connect into myCourses by Canvas and much more.  You will get hands on help to download and setup the i>Clicker application.  You will also receive your faculty remote device to use in your classroom.

Table of Contents of the attached document:

  1.  Hardware
    1. Base Station
    2. Instructor Remote
    3. Student Clicker
    4. Mobile Polling
  2. Setting up the Software
    1. Starting a Session
    2. Settings and Preferences
      1. General
      2. REEF Polling
      3. Gradebook
      4. Toolbar
      5. Scoring
      6. Results
      7. Base Display
    3. Changing Remote Frequency
  3. Running a Session
    1. Asking Questions
    2. Results
    3. Options / Settings
  4. Grading Sessions and Upload
    1. LMS Tools
      1. Downloading the Roster
      2. Editing and Grading Sessions
      3. Sending Grades to myCourses by Canvas
    2. Reports


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