iClicker: Instructor’s Guide for using iClicker software and hardware

iClicker User Guide

The attached document is a complete faculty guide to using iClicker at UNH.  You can also sign up for training or request a session at at-training.unh.edu.  During training you will learn how to conduct a polling session, view responses, connect into myCourses by Canvas and much more.  You will get hands on help to download and setup the iClicker application.  You will also receive your faculty remote device to use in your classroom.

Table of Contents of the attached document:

  1.  Hardware
    1. Base Station
    2. Instructor Remote
    3. Student Clicker
    4. Mobile Polling
  2. Setting up the Software
    1. Starting a Session
    2. Settings and Preferences
      1. General
      2. iClicker: Set up REEF polling 
      3. Gradebook
      4. Toolbar
      5. Scoring
      6. Results
      7. Base Display
    3. Changing Remote Frequency
  3. Running a Session
    1. Asking Questions
    2. Results
    3. Options / Settings
  4. Grading Sessions and Upload
    1. LMS Tools
      1. Downloading the Roster
      2. Editing and Grading Sessions
      3. Sending Grades to myCourses by Canvas
    2. Reports


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  • Department: Academic Technology Support Center
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