IT Strategic Plan

Aligning to the Mission


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Projects by Tiers and Projects by ClassificationThe University’s primary purpose is learning: students collaborating with faculty in teaching, research, creative expression, and service. UNH has a national and international agenda and holds land-grant, sea-grant, and space-grant charters. From its main campus in Durham, its college in Manchester, and the UNH School of Law in Concord, the University serves New Hampshire and the region through continuing education, cooperative extension, cultural outreach, economic development activities, and applied research.

The table to the right of this prose highlights a large amount of work being accomplished by the IT organization. It is easy to see from this snapshot that we must be diligent in the prioritization of our efforts. We must be strategic in the work we take on and in how we allocate our limited resources. The same principles we wish to apply to our work prioritization and strategic planning will also help us in being the most effective organization we can be. In that respect, we shall deploy and operate within the six focus areas contained within this strategic plan.

The Information Technology (IT) division at the University of New Hampshire (UNH) is comprised of six subdivisions and 142 employees. This division shares the same mission as the University. We help the University succeed at its mission by providing technology, solutions, and services to the UNH campus and the other campuses that enable Learning, Research, and Community Outreach.

When we accomplish the goals described in this document we will be a lean, collaborative, data-driven organization that is process oriented, that is effectively communicating with our stakeholders within the campus community and beyond.


Stan Waddell, PhD

Associate Vice President and Chief Information Officer

Information Technology

University of New Hampshire