UNH IT Knowledge Base Migration

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Fall on the UNH campus. Photo by Jeremy Gasowski, UNH Communications and Marketing

In spring 2019, UNH IT and Academic Technology began the process of migrating their collective online knowledge base (KB) from PHPKB to TeamDynamix (TDx).  The UNH IT KB provides solutions to commonly-asked questions regarding technology at UNH for students, faculty, staff, alumni, parents, and guests. Since its inception in 2017, the number of daily visits has more than doubled. 

While PHPKB is low cost, licenses and access are limited, and expansion to the industry-standard Knowledge-Centered Services (KCS) framework is unlikely due to a lack of integration into UNH’s Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) product, TDx. Values to be gained include centralization of the KB ITSM function in one tool, real-time linkages within tickets to knowledge base articles, indicators/trends on what new KB articles are needed, and the opportunity to restructure the approach in maintaining, creating and ownership of articles to a model guided by KCS.  

Also, there are cost savings from yearly maintenance fees for existing PHPKB and AT system/server administration costs.  The TDx KB, including licensing, has no associated dollar investment as it is a module within an application UNH already owns and administers.  The USNH/UNH Human Resource office is currently utilizing this TDx module.

UNH IT started the KB migration in June 2019 and completed it in August 2019.