UNH IT Collaborates with Others to Improve Broadband in New Hampshire

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Broadband internet services

UNH IT recently completed an improvement project that significantly increased the resiliency and capacity of its statewide research and education network by upgrading the core infrastructure with near carrier-class equipment. This upgrade ensures the ability of UNH to meet the constant demand for increased bandwidth, as USNH and our partners continue to move towards cloud applications.

UNH IT provides a total Internet/Internet2 bandwidth capacity of 35 Gigabits/sec with a 24/7 average usage of over 10 Gigabits/sec.  Last year, UNH IT transported over 40 PetaBytes of internet and intercampus data. This capacity successfully supports faculty, staff, students, and research for all USNH campuses.

Near the end of FY17, UNH IT collaborated with our sister institutions in surrounding states to join a consortium-based contract for Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) scrubbing of all of our internet circuits.   

UNH IT continues to add other community anchor institutions to our network, reducing costs for all USNH institutions and our partners. These FY17 partnership additions include:

  • State of New Hampshire Department of Information Technology
  • State of New Hampshire Department of Transportation – Intelligent Transportation System redundant internet
  • Hanover Police Department dispatch console directly connected to the Grafton County Sheriff’s Office
  • Granite State Management Resources
  • Saint Anselm College Science DMZ – an NSF funded experimental research network providing 1 Gbps connection to Internet2
  • Renewed support of CCSNH for 3 more years
  • Provided a fully diverse secondary fiber path to the USNH offices in Concord