Tech Accounts Access for the University 

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Photo by Jeremy Gasowski, UNH CPA

UNH IT provides identity and access management services for UNH and supports these services across USNH. In regards to technology accounts, UNH IT is responsible for the following:

  • Creation, maintenance, and de-provisioning of IT accounts
  • Password management for enterprise applications
  • UNH Identity Management (IdM) including operational oversight of UNH's IdM system
  • Resolution of identity conflicts across all USNH records
  • Enforcement of security policies and the establishment of best practices related to identity and access management
  • Maintenance of appropriate audit tracking
  • Provision of second-level support for identity and access management

During FY19, UNH IT processed 10,801account requests. There are 68 different accounts with business workflows, accounts applications, approvals, and creation processes that flow through the IT Accounts Management System.