Streamlining Student Applications and Data

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Students analyzing data. Photo by UNH Communications and Marketing

Several offices use Axiom or Axiom Elite, from SSD Technology Partners, to extract, transform, and load (ETL) student or applicant data into the university’s Banner Student information system. Data sources are built to import data using procedures customized to precisely match the offices business logic and workflows. This year, UNH IT worked with SSD Technology Partners and the business units to make modifications to existing data sources or create new data sources. The focus was on Spring transfer apps, Fall transfer apps, and Grad school apps, which required integration with Banner and Salesforce. 

Students applying to UNH have the option of using either the Common App or the Coalition App. These online applications allow students to apply to multiple colleges and universities. In FY19, UNH IT modified the data source for the Common App to extract transfers students separately from the first-year applicants. Previously, the Common App consisted of just one data source, but modifications were needed to accommodate three. Also, the Coalition App required a new data source. The work for the Coalition App was difficult since some of the data entry validation rules were not as tightly defined as the Common App. 

UNH Undergrad Admissions began using a feature that is auto-updated with help from UNH IT, which does not require any intervention to push the applications into Banner for matching rule thresholds.