Strategic Communication

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A student existing a building on the UNH Campus. Photo by Jeremy Gasowski.

In FY19, UNH IT worked to create Strategic Communication Guidelines to strengthen its digital communications to the University.  A vision of consistent Information Technology department communications strategy and outreach programming plays a part in IT’s ability to meet strategic initiatives, and guiding principles will enable the cultural shift from focusing just on technology to focusing on communication and outreach as well. This living document will expand on the guiding principles, and IT Communications will modify as necessary.

Primary guiding principles are:

  1. Know and understand audiences 
  2. Understand your role and resources available
  3. Plan ahead 
  4. UNH guidelines governance
  5. Use established UNH IT channels and branding
  6. Timeliness and transparency are keys
  7. Keep it simple
  8. Rely on IT Communications to get it right
  9. Measure the effectiveness

IT Leadership approved and implemented the Strategic Communication Guidelines were approved in August 2018.