Process to Improve Late Fee Evaluations Streamlined

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Photo by Jeremy Gasowski, UNH CPA

Prior to FY19, the process for petitioning late fees at UNH involved emailing, faxing, or snail mailing UNH Business Services. This outdated method often resulted in inconsistencies, delays, and incomplete submissions. UNH IT streamlined this process online via Webcat, leading to more complete evaluations, much-improved customer service between students/parents and Business Services, and reduced staff processing time. 

Once a parent or student petitions a late fee, Business Services staff now review applications using Banner Workflow. If approved, the late fee is automatically removed from the student account. Petitions can also be rerouted to another staff member for further review. 

This change also influenced Business Services to adapt a new product – Workflow – for operational work, which has opened the doors for future enhancements for other processes.