NH School Connectivity Initiative – 2019 Update

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Photo by Jeremy Gasowski, University Communications and Marketing

The New Hampshire School Connectivity Initiative (NHSCI) is a collaborative effort tasked with enhancing high-speed broadband access for K-12 public schools in New Hampshire. The State of New Hampshire Departments of Education, through the Office of Educational Technology, spearheads NHSCI. Collaborators include members of the Office of the Governor; the New Hampshire Departments of Education, Information Technology, and Business and Economic Affairs; and the University of New Hampshire.  Representing UNH, the CIO, the Interim Director of Broadband Initiatives, and the Director of Strategic Technology are all members of NHSCI.

NHSCI also collaborates with EducationSuperHighway (ESH), a nonprofit (501c3) organization, to jointly facilitate high-speed broadband access for K-12 public schools in NH. The ESH objective is to inform and consult with schools to access FCC E-Rate funding and build and pay on-going costs for broadband service. ESH works with many other states on similar efforts, nationwide. EHS is funded in part by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and other donors and supports increased broadband connectivity in public schools.  ESH provides its services free-of-charge to NHSCI to help New Hampshire’s K-12 schools and districts connect to scalable high-speed broadband. 

NHSCI/ESH accomplishments for this past year include assisting three more school districts with fiber construction projects and 18 districts with upgrading the infrastructure in the schools. Highlights include:

  • Rollinsford, Piermont, and Crotched Mountain all filed to upgrade their infrastructure to fiber and will be utilizing E-rate to subsidize their costs
  • 18 districts with a significant amount of remaining Category 2 funds filed to upgrade their internal network infrastructure.

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