New Models for Purchasing Technology and Facilitating Repairs

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On Friday, December 7, 2018, UNH closed the UNH Computer Store and Computer Repair Services. Along with other retailers, the increasing popularity of online shopping and competition from other box stores directly impacted the UNH Computer Store. 

In their places, UNH IT worked diligently and swiftly to create the UNH Computer Purchasing Program and the IT Depot. The transition to a new online purchasing website and vendor assisted repairs will allow UNH IT to become more efficient in the way computers are acquired and supported. UNH students can purchase Lenovo computers and other technology supplies through Connection, a value-added reseller. Apple computers and devices can be purchased through an online UNH campus store. 

UNH Computer Purchasing Program

The UNH Computer Purchasing Program is online and provides students, faculty, and staff educational discounts on computers and software licenses. These offerings include Apple and Lenovo computers, Adobe licensing, and computer peripherals. Connection ship computers directly to customers. 

UNH IT Depot

UNH IT established the IT Depot to help facilitate hardware purchases, provide basic computer diagnostics when issues arise, and to facilitate repairs when needed. UNH IT will no longer facilitate onsite computer hardware repairs. The UNH IT Depot is in MUB 213A, across from Granite Square Station Mailing Center.

Defining Standard Systems

In November 2018, UNH IT convened an advisory group comprised of diverse technology professionals from across the University to develop a list of standardized Lenovo computer models, define a standard baseline software image, and provide communications to their constituents.  Also, with the help of technology professionals with high computing needs, the advisory group developed a list of high-performance computing machines, available to groups who need computing power above and beyond the standard models.

These efforts will result in an easier-to-maintain desktop computing environment across the University. The advisory group includes representatives from UNH Information Technology, Academic Technology, Academic Technology Liaisons, UNH-Manchester, Housing, Research Computing, Institute on Disability, Advancement, and Health & Wellness.