Network Switch Replacement and 10Gig upgrade

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Photo by Jeremy Gasowski, UNH CPA

Starting in FY18, UNH IT engaged in a two-year project to upgrade the University’s Ethernet switching infrastructure and fiber optic distribution plant. The project decreased the annual maintenance and equipment replacement cost, saving the university $1,347,000 over the next five years. The project also increased the capacity of the distribution Ethernet switch from 20GB to 80GB, and access layer switches from 1GB to 10GB, resulting in a faster, more robust network. 

During this project, UNH IT replaced 11 Ethernet distribution switches in nine different locations which provide connectivity for 473 access layer switches, of which 122 were located in Residence Halls and also replaced. The remaining 351 access layer switches are scheduled for replacement in FY20. UNH IT also re-terminated thousands of fiber optic connections to accommodate the upgrade from 1Gig uplinks to 10Gig uplinks. This project impacted essentially every network device on campus by increasing the capacity of the campus local area network.