Improving Broadband in New Hampshire through Partnerships and Collaboration

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UNH IT operates a Wide Area Network (WAN) to provide Internet and inter-campus network service to USNH institutions. Also, the WAN continues to extend this excellent service to non-USNH community anchor institutions. This has the double benefit of bringing in revenue that offsets costs for USNH institutions while advancing UNH’s Embrace New Hampshire outreach mission.  In FY19, UNH IT added several new partners on the fiber network, including the NH Air National Guard, Saint Anselm College (who signed a 5-year contract to provide resilient internet and Internet2 services), and the Community College System of New Hampshire (who renewed their contract for an additional three years). In June 2019, the UNH Institute on Disability moved to a new facility in Concord, enabling them to be connected by high-speed fiber to the UNH WAN. 

The scope of institutions served by the BBS team can be seen in the Figure below.


























The following chart illustrates the WAN team’s ability to deliver the continually increasing bandwidth required by the USNH institutions and our other customers. We have grown this service from under 500 Mbps in FY07 to over 40 Gbps this fiscal year.

Since 2014, the net cost to USNH to operate the network has decreased by over 10%. The additional revenue realized by providing high bandwidth service to our partner institutions enables the WAN team to stabilize the net cost to the USNH institutions. 

The external revenue offsets 34% of the cost of operating the USNH Wide Area Network.


This year, UNH IT renegotiated the contracts with providers for bulk internet service and increased bandwidth by 6 Gbps while reducing the cost to the FY20 budget by $65,000.