Customer Service Excellence

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UNH IT provides first-level computing support to the University community (students, faculty, staff, alumni, visitors, guests, and parents) and to the USNH community for Enterprise applications.  

A mature level of customer service practices are in place, utilizing IT Service Management principles. An online Service Catalog, Knowledge Base and System Statuses provides customers with self-service avenues.  Practices of ticket management, problem management and change management are underpinning to providing services with the customer in mind.

Offered support services include:

  • Support channels for UNH technical ecosystem customers: telephone, online, and remote access
  • Quality and usability testing for IT applications, user interfaces, Knowledge Base content, and customer documentation 
  • Incident Response Operations
  • UNH Main telephone line coverage, directory assistance (includes curtailed operations)
  • System status messaging and communications 
Incoming Channels for Customer Support FY19

This chart shows the various incoming support channels for Client Support in FY 19.  Tickets represent: 18,368 Service Desk calls; 3,001 Web Form questions; 2,634 ATSC Walk Up and 123 Emails.

















Service Desk first level resolution rate FY19

Service Desk first level resolution rate for FY 19 was 75%, this exceeds the industry average which is 73%.