Creation of Center for DATA (Data, Analytics, and Technology Alliance)

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Photo by Jeremy Gasowski, UNH CPA

In April 2019, UNH combined UNH IT Enterprise Information Management and Institutional Research and Assessment to create a single interdisciplinary unit called the UNH Data, Analytics, and Technology Alliance (Center for DATA).

This unit works together as a single source for data, analytics, and reporting for the UNH community, leveraging combined skills and expertise to provide information and analyses for data-informed decision making, planning, and evaluation across the University.

Center for DATA’s mission is to facilitate evidence-based decision making at UNH in support of the University’s mission and goals and to supply institutional information to a wide range of internal and external entities.  To do this, this team:

  • Builds stores of data and provide tools and training for accessing that data.
  • Conducts research and analysis to provide insight and address questions for decision-makers.
  • Produces reports for monitoring institutional performance.
  • Reports institutional data to accrediting bodies and federal agencies.
  • Advocates for data security and integrity

The Center for DATA supports UNH’s pursuit of excellence in teaching, research, and service by providing data and analytics to the University community in a timely, accurate, responsive, and transparent manner.  This effort offers one-stop shopping for UNH community members who need data without having to understand organizational structure and enables both teams to collaborate and leverage collective resources to create awareness of all data needs across campus. 

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