Business Relationship Manager Helps Keep University Efficient

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College student takes notes
A UNH student works on her data project.

In 2017, UNH IT hired its first Business Relationship Manager (BRM). A BRM acts as a liaison between Procurement and departments to roll out new practices, tools, and policies and strives to ensure the University is getting the most out of what it has and that it is sustainable before introducing other technology solutions. This includes keeps a running inventory on software used across the University to cut down on redundancy, contract management with software vendors to cast a light on ownership, consolidation, and to drive staff towards those products for solutions.  

Some analysis of the SW inventory reveals that we do business with 402 Vendors and have processed over 2,241 transactions consisting of 15 million dollars over a 2 year period with approximately 50% of the purchases being made by non-IT departments, and not being managed by IT.