Banner Student 9 Upgrade

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Photo by Jeremy Gasowski, UNH CPA

In August 2018, UNH IT upgraded to Banner Student 9, and in the process, moved the UNH and GSC Banner Student production environments online. This upgrade allows Banner Student users to access Banner from an internet browser. 

Banner 9 provides users with a more modern and user-friendly experience. Changes are generally cosmetic, and all Banner functionality remained intact. Vendor support for Banner 8 expired in December 2018, necessitating the move to Banner 9. 

The benefits of the Banner 9 Student Upgrade included a much-improved user experience with the following features: 

  • Modern web user interface with standard controls 
  • A shorter learning curve for occasional users
  • Enhanced usability and navigation for power users
  • Ability to run in any modern browser

UNH IT also provided Banner Student users with extensive in-person training and via the web using Zoom. 

Since the Banner 9 Student implementation, the UNH Enterprise Application team has installed 58 releases and six patches throughout FY19.