AppXtender Upgrade to 16.3

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Photo by Jeremy Gasowski, UNH CPA

In 2016, Dell sold EMC’s Enterprise Content Division (ECD), including AppXtender, to OpenText. In early 2018, OpenText released a new version of the software: version 16.3. The previous version of AppXtender was de-supported at the end of 2018. The product was installed by UNH IT in June of 2018, and spent several months testing the new product, which also included staying tuned to the various list serves to determine product stability and to determine what issues were reported. 

While the upgrade is primarily a facelift to the product, there are several new features that should improve the experience of using Xtender. These features include the ability to use any modern browser (no longer tied to Internet Explorer), the elimination of a requirement to install software on the user’s computer for most users, the ability to drag-and-drop a document into Xtender, and more robust searching across PDFs. 

The Finance/HR group was upgraded first on March 25, 2019, because of the various business cycles in departments. This first rollout went smoothly with no major issues. The UNH and GSC Student environments are scheduled to be upgraded in mid-August of 2019; PSU Student is expected to follow that same timeline. The KSC Student environment will wrap up the upgrades in the fall. UNH IT developed the documentation, Knowledge Base articles, videos, and user training to support users in the transition. They also created a project webpage under ‘IT Initiatives’, which contains upgrade information as well as links to all of these materials.