The IDD team has developed resources for UNH faculty and staff.  Please contact us with requests for additional resources to support your teaching with Instructional Design Services.

Top Teaching Challenges

Whether you are new to teaching or a veteran, there are always teaching challenges. Top Teaching Challenges addresses some top topics and strategies to overcome those challenges to help UNH students succeed.


The Instructional Design and Development team develped three checklists to help with course design, development and teaching.

UNH Course Review Checklist

The UNH Course Review Checklist is a tool for faculty and course designers to use as a checklist or a self or peer review tool for online / hybrid courses. The checklist can be applied to any course that utilizes an online component. The Course Review Checklist was developed by UNH Academic Technology Instructional Design and Development, based on work by OLC and OpenSUNY. The Checklist is published under an open license.

The UNH Course Review Checklist is available in a spreadsheet format that can be scored, as well as a PDF checklist

UNH Accessbility Checklist

UNH has an obligation under the law to ensure all students have access to course materials. Providing content with varied access modalities helps all students succeed, not just those with identified disabilities. It is easier to design accessible content up front than it is to retrofit poor design, reactively. Consider this Accessbility Checklist to create accessibility proactively.

The Course Accessibility Checklist is availavble in a spreadsheet format, as well as a PDF checklist, as an accessibility addendum to assist in bringing your course into compliance with accessibility standards.

Inclusive Teaching Checklist

The Inclusive Teaching Checklist helps you identify and remove barriers to course content, and assists in changing instructional practices and course interactions with students in order to promote equitable access to your course.

Resources for UNH Online and Adjunct Faculty

The Instructional Design and Development team provides support for adjunct faculty who teaches at University of The New Hampshire. The Frequently Asked Questions for UNH Online and Adjunct Faculty contains information to solve common problems.

Resources for using myCourses

myCourses by Canvas is the Learning Management System used at The University of New Hampshire. If you are not familiar with myCourses, please schedule an one-on-one training with our LMS trainer or attend a training session that fits your schedule.

Media and Collaboration: to incorporate rich media or use synchronous web classroom tools in your online course, you can contact Media and Collaboration for help.

myCourses Support and Technical Help for Instructors is available through the “Help” link in the bottom left corner of myCourses. From this menu, instructors are provided with the following three options:

  • Search the Canvas Guides: This links you to the guides provided by Canvas which include step by step instructions and videos on how to use the system. These guides are very thorough and easy to search and it is always recommended you look here before contacting support.
  • Chat with Canvas Support : The chat function is also available 24/7 and allows for real-time assistance with myCourses questions or issues. This is the recommended method to request assistance within myCourses.
  • UNH IT Knowledge Base: This links to UNH help documentation specific to myCourses, as well as, support documentation from other academic department.

Phone Support is available by calling the UNH IT Service Desk at 603-862-4242.  After hours calls can be routed to Canvas support staff.

In Person Support is available for instructors on the Durham campus at the ATSC on the main floor of Dimond Library.

myCourses Faculty User Guide can give you an overivew of Canvas tools that help you set up your course.