Recommended Online Course Development Timeline

Before you teach an online course, it is strongly recommended that you complete the Fundamentals of Online Instruction, a 5-module online course designed to introduce faculty to the best practices of designing and teaching online courses. To learn more, contact:

Make contact with my assigned Instructional Designer

Week 1

Confirm course in myCourses 

Week 1-2

Schedule first meeting with Instructional Designer

  • Content analysis: take inventory of existing content to determine reusability and new content development load.
  • Review online syllabus template.
  • Curricular analysis: review current curricular approaches for applicability, transferability and to begin identification of alternative approaches for some activities
  • Identify primary and ancillary content and texts.

Week 2

Develop and Organize Course Content For Online Delivery

  • Chunk content
  • Create Welcome video and Icebreaker forum
  • Develop objectives based on outcomes
  • Create lesson content
  • Build weekly interactions
  • Create assignments
  • Develop assessments
  • Develop grading scheme and supporting rubrics

Week 3 - 11

Put course materials and required text books on UNH Book List. Consult with a reference librarian and/or your departmental library liaison to help identify library resources and services your students will need.           

Week 4 or earlier

In-progress meeting with Instructional Designer

  • Syllabus draft
  • Review course design and chunking strategy

Week 4

Identify technologies and tools for lesson capture and teaching and learning with media.

  • Refer to menu of tools available for faculty teaching online
  • Take appropriate technology and Blackboard training workshops
  • As needed, work with the instructional designer to become familiar with appropriate tools and technologies.

Week 5

Develop lessons and media rich audio/video content using Tegrity, Kaltura or other media discussed with your instructional designer.  Weeks 6 - 10

Finalize syllabus

Week 7

Review course with Instructional Designer and make any last minute adjustments

Week 10

myCourses course available to students

2 weeks before the start of term

Send Welcome note with syllabus to students

Week 11

Term begins

Week 12