Prepare To Meet With Your Instructional Designer

Here are some things to think about when you meet with your Instructional Designer. 

What major topics does your course cover and what are the learning outcomes? What is the essence of the course?

What are the drivers for teaching this course online?

What questions or concerns do you have about teaching in the online environment?

  • Cheating, communication overload, the time it will take to develop and teach, student technology competency, clarifying expectations with students?

What myCourses features do you already use?

How do you want to communicate with your students?

  • Synchronous/Asynchronous
  • Many students want to take online courses because of the flexibility they provide—to do work anytime/anywhere. Requiring synchronize communication may limit the number of students that register. Also consider time zones, which can make scheduling tricky.

How do you currently deliver content?

  • Are you using Tegrity for personal capture or are your currently using the Distance Learning Studio?
  • Are you familiar with Kaltura for the use of rich media? 

How do you evaluate students in the course? 

  • myCourses exams/assessments
  • Do you have grading rubrics in mind?
  • Are you considering Discussion Board/Blogs?

General course organization:

  • Make it clear and consistent: modules/folders
  • Show examples from exemplar courses

How will you build community in an online course?

  • Intro/Ice breaker activities—share photo