Faculty Professional Development Opportunities

Instructional Design and Development (IDD) offer faculty development opportunities that consist of face-to-face and online workshops focusing on pedagogical approaches, course design strategies and solutions to instructional challenges in teaching.

Faculty Instructional Technology Summer Institute (FITSI)

We deliver a 3-day intensive hands-on workshop every June on the Durham campus, along with a follow-up one day event in January.
FITSI is designed for faculty who would like to hone their technology skills and teaching strategies. The program includes presentations from leaders in the field of Instructional Technology, as well as workshops targeted on pedagogy approaches instructional strategies and technology tools that support teaching. During the Summer event, participants will draft a teaching plan which is carried forward into the next semester.
At the Winter event, participants will share their experiences and lessons learned.
If you are interested in applying for FITSI, applications open in early Spring, at which time a cohort is selected for the up-coming June workshop.
*CEITL participation program points: 3

Dan at FITSI

Fundamentals of Online Instruction (FOI)

We offer a 3-week online cohort-based course facilitated by the IDD team of Instructional designers who have designed the course specifically for UNH instructors. Those who will be developing an online course and teaching online for the first time. Delivered online and completely asynchronously, the course is offered three times each year (February, July, and October).
The FOI course assists you in preparation for teaching online, creating a course plan for your online course, designing your online course, and gives you the experience of taking an online course as a student.
Register for the next session of Fundamental of Online Instruction (FOI)asynchronous online course. 
*CEITL participation program points: 2


Fundamentals of Online Delivery (FOD)

We offer a short 2-week online course designed for instructors who are assigned to teach a course online for the first time. The course focuses on delivery and facilitation of online courses, rather than design. The course is offered each February, July, and October.
Register for the next session of Fundamental of Online Delivery (FOD)asynchronous online course.
*CEITL participation program points: 2

Fundamentals of Active Learning (FAL)

We deliver a course comprised of two weeks of asynchronous online modules followed by a synchronous, followed by a hands-on session for TEAL technology training. The course is offered each February, July, and October. The FAL course provides simple and adaptable active learning strategies that you can incorporate immediately into your current syllabus.
Register for the next session of Fundamental of Active Learning(FAL)asynchronous online course. 
*CEITL participation program points: 3


Introduction to Open Educational Resources (OER)

We offer an open self-paced course that is designed to provide you with an overview of the OER landscape, helping you to identify and integrate open educational resources into your course and even produce OER of your own. Participation is open to all and is available to start whenever you want. This course is also a valuable resource to keep in your instructional toolbox to refer to as needed.
No registration is needed, participation free and open, access and start course Iintroduction to Open Educational Resources (OER) Course.

New Faculty Orientation

Academic Technology and Information Technology collaborated to create an online resource course for new faculty. 
Every fall semester Information Technology and Academic Technology participates in the New Faculty Orientation event that welcomes new faculty to UNH and shares pertinent resources before the semester starts.  New instructors have the ability to meet with Instructional Designers and IT professionals and ask questions before teaching at UNH for the first time.  

Talk about Teaching Workshops

In collaboration with CEITL, IDD presents on various topics around teaching and learning during the academic year.  Instructors are welcome to register through the Center for Excellence and Innovation in Teaching and Learning (CEITL) Talk About Teaching Series.

*The Center for Excellence and Innovation in Teaching and Learning (CEITL) Participation Certificate Program

The Center for Excellence and Innovation in Teaching and Learning (CEITL), in conjunction with AAcademic Technology, Center for Academic Resources, University Library, UNH Writing Programs, and Graduate School, launched a the CEITL Participation Certificate for UNH faculty, staff, and graduate students. The certificate will recognize participation in a variety of teaching- and learning-related activities, demonstrating a commitment to promote the highest quality of student learning through implementation of best practices in college teaching. Earn points from participation in Instructional Design and Development faculty development opportunities.