Benefits & Challenges

Benefits of Teaching Online

Here is what your colleagues have to say about the benefits of teaching online:

  • Increased student learning. In eLearning courses, instructors report that they feel more connected with their students and are able to get to know them better than they thought possible.
  • Instructors report that students wrote better papers, performed better on exams, produced higher quality projects, and were capable of more meaningful discussions on course material when reflecting online.
  • Students who rarely take part in class discussions are more likely to participate online.
  • Many instructors report that the use of Blackboard has increased their efficiency because of its ability to organize the course and automate some basic activities such as quizzes, grading, and announcements.

Challenges of Teaching Online

Here is what your colleagues have to say about the challenges of teaching online:

  • To teach a successful eLearning course instructors should re-examine their course goals, activities, and assessment methods for the online environment.
  • Building a sense of community can be challenging in an online course. In a face-to-face course, community develops naturally whereas instructors of online courses should include "getting to know you" activities.
  • Online education may not work well for those students who require more interaction with a “live” instructor. Students who are organized, self-motivated, and are able to manage their time effectively are generally more successful in an online course.
  • Both instructors and students need basic technology experience to participate an online course successfully.