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    Current IT Initiatives

    Would you like to know more about UNH IT Initiatives? Contact the project manager listed below for more information.

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    Current IT Initiatives

    Would you like to know more about UNH IT Initiatives? Contact the project manager listed below for more information.

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Current Initiatives

Last updated: August 29, 2019

Below is a list of current, public-facing UNH Information Technology initiatives and projects. (This does not include those projects that are operational updates, upgrades, or maintenance.) Please check back for regular updates. To find out more details on any of the initiatives outlined, please contact the project manager.

Initiative / Project Project Summary Timeframe Status % Complete Contact Info

USNH IdM - Phase 3

  8/14 - 6/20 70% Nancy Harrington

sc-net (SecureCloud net) JumpStart Pilot

A secure-cloud data repository and exchange for First Responders.

07/15 - 7/18

95% Brian Gaon

UNH Procurement Services

Document Management

Implement a document management solution for UNH Procurement Services that will allow them to store documents in AppXtender. Documents are currently stored on an unsupported content management system and on a shared server.

5/16 - 8/19

80% Bob Dorval

Lean Tracker

Develop and evolve a culture of Continuous Process Improvement Continue Evolution of Lean Initiatives in the areas of, Engagement, Adoption, and Reporting.

12/16 - 5/17

10% Jean Spear

SSD Axiom 4.0.10 upgrade to

Axiom Elite

Axiom Elite is an upgrade to our current SSD Axiom legacy system that is used to extract, transform, and load data into Banner. It is used to import applicant data from The Common Application, ACES, and Navitas. Addtionally, it is used to support the needs analysis verification in Financial Aid.

5/17-8/19 35% Bob Dorval

ApplicationXtender 16.3 Upgrade

This project is an upgrade to the EMC ApplicationXtender software used as the Document Management Software at all campuses for their Student environments and Finance/HR at the USNH level.

4/18-9/19 80%
Bob Dorval

Identity and Access Management Program

The Identity and Access Management (IAM) Program was created in response to exploding demand for IAM services, such as single signon, password change, and account management. The program is comprised of 33 projects with the objectives:

o Improve client perception, experience, and awareness

o Enhance Security

o Modernize UNH Information Technology’s Identity and Access Manage posture

3/18-6/20 9% Rori Boyce

2018-Fin-7189 Jaggaer Implementation

Implement new eProcurement application.

6/18/12/19 Red 40% Susan Sullivan

Procurement TDx Ticketing Implementation - phase 1

USNH Procurement is interested in exploring options to better manage service delivery to departments.

7/18-10/19 90% Amy Hodgdon

Banner 9 - Phase II

Student Banner 9 Phase II -the focus is on implementing Banner 9 Self-service.

12/18-1/20 None 1% Kelly Ducharme

KSC Synergy

For this project, we will upgrade 2008 server, AD and VMware.

3/19-12/19 55% Eileen Cooley

Phase 2: Computer Lifecycle Management

Initiatives including Mac Management Tools, Formation of Steering Committee for Computer Lifecycle, continuous improvements in operations/procedures, and continued communications thereof.

1/119-7/19 None 90% Nichole Connors

EMS Scheduling Software 

  1/18-7/20 0% Nora Malloy

Application Express upgrade

11g support is being dropped so we will upgrade to 12c and upgrade the operating system as well.

3/19-8/19 29% Eileen Cooley

President's Initiatives

Develop and implement tools and processes by which the UNH Executive Committee can track and report on the progress of initiatives.

2/19-11/19 50% Amy Hodgdon

UNH IT/AT Knowledge Base Migration

  1/19-8/19 None 90% Nichole Connors

Oracle 12.2 upgrade

Upgrade all Oracle databases to the terminal release of 12c.

8/19-8/20 10% Eileen Cooley

Microsoft Windows 10 Upgrade

The Microsoft Windows 10 Upgrade Project is an effort to provide the most update to date operating system platform for faculty and staff. The current operating system Windows 7 will be end of life product support in January 2020.

7/19-12/19 None 0% John Mourikas

PMO BRM Software Inventory

To track work and progress on the Software Inventory management.

6/19-6/20 25% Cynthia Cargill

2019-FinHR-7980 Banner Upgrade

Apply releases and patches that have been delivered for Banner Finance and HR since Banner 9 go-live last fall.

7/19-11/19 20% Susan Sullivan

Post Linux-Audit Changes

Make changes to standard operating procedures, servers, templates, etc.. in accordance with management responses to Linux audit.

8/19-12/19 None 0% Eileen Cooley