Consulting: Public Safety Video Cameras

Video cameras that are installed at the University of New Hampshire for safety and law enforcement purposes and video data from such cameras must comply with the Public Safety Video Camera System (PSVCS) standard. The standard applies to all University campuses and off-campus properties as well as all departments and individuals. New camera installations must comply with the standard; existing cameras and installations are required to migrate to the standard when upgraded, or sooner if otherwise appropriate.

Data Security Scanning Software

Identity Finder (IDF) is an application used to scan for secure data.

Disaster Recovery Planning

Preparing for and responding to events that disrupt services is key to maintaining reliable service quality and availability. UNH IT Security can provide guidance and materials to assist you in developing your department's disaster and business continuity plans.

Enterprise Encryption Services

UNH offers Sophos SafeGuard Encryption which is an IT managed enterprise encryption solution for the following operating systems: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. There is no cost to encrypt computers for UNH/USNH employees.

Information Security Training

UNH Information Security Services offers Information and Computer Security Training for new and existing university employees.

Security Review for Computer Incidents

UNH Information Security is available to assist in responding to and investigating incidents related to misuse or abuse of UNH IT resources.

Vendor Technology Security Review

Technology Vendors who may be contracted to provide IT services to The University System of New Hampshire or USNH institutions must demonstrate compliance with applicable USNH IT and/or regulatory standards by responding in writing to the Security Review Questionnaire.