Project and Portfolio Management ("PPM") is a continuous process of identifying, selecting and managing a portfolio of projects that align with key performance metrics and strategic business objectives. Governance oversight is critical to help an organization acquire and view information about its current and proposed projects, and then to prioritize each project according to criteria such as strategic value, regulatory compliance, impact on resources, cost, and so on.
Governance for Long Range Technology Projects (LRTPs) is provided by the USNH Information Technology Executive Council (ITEC).  USNH's full-time Project Manager and full-time Project Coordinator guide and oversee LRTP projects.  A strong partnership and on-going collaboration exist between ITEC and UNH's governing bodies. This ensures consistent Project and Portfolio Management for both entities.
To promote a healthy, transparent portfolio management culture, UNH has established a governance structure where several groups, new and existing, work in concert to review project requests where information technology is integral to the project.  These groups are:
Together these groups prioritize the intake and selection of projects and facilitate capacity planning across project portfolios.  This governance structure is being rolled out in a phased approach, beginning with Academic Affairs.  Additional Governing Bodies will be established as this process matures.
Each year, a comprehensive review of project requests (i.e. process improvements, new services, enhanced services) will be performed by the Governing Bodies.  These groups will review strategic initiatives as defined by the President's Cabinet and will define a set of objectives that are in alignment with these strategic initiatives. Working with the Project Management Office, the Governing Bodies will coordinate with constituent departments and organizations within their umbrellas to identify and forecast strategic needs for the next 12-18 months with a focus on IT related impact. In addition to the annual portfolio planning, the Governing Bodies will convene quarterly to review their project portfolios as well as project requests that have been submitted out-of-cycle but have pressing needs.