Getting Started with Process Improvement

No matter how big or how small your idea is, everyone has a vested interest in the success of our departments, colleges, and system-wide organizations. The Project Management Office process improvement team can help you bring your ideas forward, analyze current business processes, and identify areas where improvements will yield cost and/or time savings.

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Facilitation for Current State and Future State process mapping sessions
  • Consultation to identify and define work processes needing improvement
  • Identification and evaluation of areas where measurable cost and/or time savings can be achieved
  • Assistance in the development and monitoring of change/action plans
  • Training in the process improvement/continuous process improvement/LEAN methodology

Our strategy is to partner closely with any group requesting our services. We understand your concerns about not knowing where to start, that there is just not enough time in the workday to take on a change, or that the benefit may not outweigh the investment; however, active participation, especially by those who do the work, is critical in helping us focus on activities that result in measurable, improved work processes that are of value to you.

If you have a process for which you are contemplating a change, there are a few criteria that should be considered. Is this a process--

  • where you have some control;
  • with clear boundaries;
  • that can be worked on easily;
  • that will improve customer satisfaction;
  • for which your team and UNH/USNH have some enthusiasm;
  • where change can help you succeed;
  • where your team feels they have ownership;
  • that is stable enough to analyze, measure and improve?

If the process meets any or several of the bullets above, there is a better likelihood that process improvement will be realized.

To request our services, please select Process Improvement in the 'Request Type drop-down list' on our Contact the PMO web form.