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Last updated: May 14, 2018

Latest News:

  • Mark Kaminski has been brought into the project to focus on Banner Finance. Mark worked for Ellucian for many years and then struck out on his own as a consultant. He will be scheduling campus visits to conduct Banner Finance process reviews.
  • Banner HR: The project engaged in multiple process reviews for Banner HR.  Work is moving forward and mini-projects have been started that will address some of the recommendations that came out of the business process review sessions.
  • A Banner 9 HR trainer will be joining the project the week of May 21 to start looking at System and Campus training requirements.  Shamicka Lynch, from Ellucian, was involved in all of the HR review sessions with Judy Cushman as a second consultant/note taker and has already been involved in developing Banner 9 training materials for Ellucian.
  • Forms are still a work in process, we just got another drop of forms last week (that we sent back for errors, originally) that we will begin testing shortly.

Activities to Date:

  • Banner 8 custom forms are with Ellucian’s development team being transformed to work in Banner 9. We have started to receive them back and are in the process of testing them.
  • 2/6 was the first day of prioritizing the HR recommendations from Ellucain. This will be iterative and result in an actionable list of improvements, split between what we will complete before the code freeze in June/July and what will be done in the 2019 optimization phase.

Next Steps:

  • Receive the remainder of transformed pages from the development team and ensure proper function
  • Banner Finance: Schedule campus visits and complete the Finance process reviews and receive recommendations from Ellucian.
  • Prioritize the HR and Finance recommendations and determine what will be done before Banner 9 goes live.
  • Implement the determined changes while building the new Banner 9 environment
  • Freeze code and test the Banner 9 environment
  • Train users in Banner 9
  • Go live with Banner 9
  • Optimization phase in 2019 to complete items not on the pre go-live list

Project Timeline:

Title Date
Finance process reviews Spring 2018
HR process reviews Spring 2018
Prioritization of HR and Finance recommendations Spring 2018
Building the new Banner 9 environment (including agreed on improvements) Summer 2018
Code freeze and Testing begins Summer 2018
User training for Banner 9 Fall 2018
Go live for Banner 9 Fall  2018
Optimization Phase (Everything we couldn't get to before the code freeze) 2019

Upcoming Activities

Meetings to discuss Banner HR process improvements

  • 4/3-4/4
  • 4/11-4/12
  • 4/17-4/18
  • 5/1-5/2
  • 5/16-5/17
  • 5/23-5/24

Contact Us

AJ Koehler, Project Manager

Useful Links and Documents

PowerPoint presentation by Russ Battista at the IT Coffee Talk, 3/20/18