Finance & HR Banner 9 Upgrade

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    Banner Finance & HR Upgrade Marching Forward

Last updated: December 21, 2018

Latest News:

  • Banner 9 is now LIVE

Next Steps:

  • Optimization phase in 2019 to complete items not on the pre go-live list

Project Timeline:

Title Date
Finance process reviews Spring 2018
HR process reviews Spring 2018
Prioritization of HR and Finance recommendations Spring 2018
Building the new Banner 9 environment (including agreed on improvements) Summer 2018
Code freeze and Testing begins Summer 2018
User training for Banner 9 Fall 2018
Go live for Banner 9 Fall  2018
Optimization Phase (Everything we couldn't get to before the code freeze) 2019

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AJ Koehler, Project Manager

Useful Links and Documents

PowerPoint presentation by Russ Battista at the IT Coffee Talk, 3/20/18