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WebIntelligence (WebI), supported by the Enterprise Information Management (EIM) team, provides more than 1,000 University System and campus employees with information to support decision making. Reporting areas include financial operations, HR and personnel management, student enrollment and retention, sponsored programs administration, facilities management, and University Advancement efforts.

WebI News

New R30/Census Process and Reports in WebI Student Reporting: 
Starting  Monday, October 2, 2017,  new institutional census reports and a new census process is in place. This new process captures data for the Durham, Law and Manchester campuses and includes populations previously excluded in the old R30 snapshot. In addition, the new census process categorizes students in ways that meet UNH’s current reporting and information needs.  

The R30 reporting available in WebI now uses this new census structure to enable the inclusion of all UNH campuses and to categorize students into desired groupings. These reports are found in the WebI Student Reporting area under the SIS30000 folder. This new census structure should be used for official census reporting for terms 201710 and forward. Reports that provide prior term data are available in an archive area within the SIS30000 folder.  

WebI users have similar access to the new census structure as they did to the old R30 areas. WebI report creators, who have access to census and R30 data, also have access to a new census universe named UNH_STU_CENSUS.

The EIM team worked with UNH IR&A, campus registrars, VPFA Office, and the Graduate School to develop this new area.

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    Additional WebI Information

    Do you need more information or do you have questions? If so, please contact the IT Service Desk at: https://www.unh.edu/it/service/get-help, or by calling 862-4242.

    • Login info: Clients at UNH, System Office, UNHM, UNHL and GSC will log in using their AD User ID and Password and should select "LDAP" in the Authentication menu.   Clients at KSC and PSU will log in using an assigned WebI User ID and Password and need to select "Enterprise" in the Authentication menu. 

    • Timeouts: WebI sessions time out if there has been no activity, such as refreshing a report, for 60 minutes.  You must log in again to start a new session. Open reports in an active WebI session get timed-out after 60 minutes of non-use. You will have to close the report and re-open it.

    • Licenses: The licensing model allows 250 people to work in WebI simultaneously.  If you try to log in and 250 people are already using WebI reports, you will get a notification to try again later. 

    • Design Mode access: If you need to edit reports (remove report tabs or modify an Excel-friendly tab), you can request access to the “Design” tool by contacting the Service Desk. 


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