Support Options

Desktop Services offers customized consulting for clients who need services beyond those normally provided by UNH IT. Departments or individuals can contract with us for specialized support, which includes routine on-site visits by a consultant assigned to you.

UNH IT provides general support for a limited range of software and hardware products. We also recognize that while these products form the core of most users' toolboxes, they are not suitable for all users, nor do they meet all possible needs. Desktop Services provides greater breadth and depth for your support needs, and also provides maintenance for critical systems, from mobile devices to servers, and from well-known commercial software to obscure Open Source packages.

Scope of Services:

Desktop Support for Windows and Mac Systems

The following desktop support services will be provided:

  1. Provide technical desktop support for Windows and Mac systems

    1. Network connectivity
    2. Operating systems
    3. Hardware troubleshooting
    4. Malware detection and removal
  2. Provide support for desktop applications
    1. Software troubleshooting
    2. Software installation, maintenance, security updates and upgrade services for applications commonly utilized within UNH technical ecosystem (ex: operating systems, Exchange, virus protection, security related).
  3. Printing
    1. Local printer installation and configuration
    2. UNH networked printer configuration
    3. Troubleshooting print issues
  4. Communicate and aid in the compliance of USNH/UNH IT security practices and policies
    1. Install and aid in the execution of security software (ex: Identity finder, encryption, virus protection)
  5. Participate in technology needs assessment and implementation
    1. Hardware recommendations and procurement
    2. Hardware inventory, equipment replacement planning, and recommendations
    3. Departmental image deployment
  6. Configuration and troubleshooting of mobile devices
  7. Liaison with Computer Repair Services
    1. Pickup and delivery of desktop equipment
    2. Coordination and communications of services required
  8. Assist clients in locating resources for consulting in the following:
    1. Web-related work/programming
    2. Database consulting
    3. Software application development
    4. Hardware repair or modification


If you would like to talk with a representative about obtaining services from the Desktop Services group, please call the UNH IT Service Desk at 603-862-4242 or fill out an online support form.